My Port


My Port

My Port version is for individuals from Port State Control (PSC) departments, agencies, operators and those that interface with the BW Designated Officers of vessels.

My Port Features

This is typically an individual in the department, agency, or contracted company who is required in their job to understand or implement procedures the ballast water regulations of the IMO or the US Coast Guard. In addition to education and training to develop required skills, this product and service contains additional items, guiding the user through a port-specific Ballast Water Management Plan and the requirements for Compliance, Monitoring and Enforcement, which are necessary at all ports under these new ballast water regulations.


My Port is sold and installed using the “Ballast Water Academy” process, where a specific Port State Control (PSC) documents are integrated into newly created Ballast Water and Sediment Management Plans. This becomes “Your Port State Control”, personalized version of My Port


The Ballast Water Channel -My Port

Approximate completion time: 24 to 40 hours (depending on job duties)

Certification of Completion (printed or filed)

Accreditation by Authorized Authorities (if accredited, but will be retroactive to all users)

Recommended completion time: 4-6 weeks

Number of Users: 2 designated individuals