My Ship


My Ship

My Ship version is for vessels to comply with international BW regulations. This includes officers, crews, and company employees who must be knowledgeable and proficient in BW regulations.

My Ship Features

  • BW Crew Job Description
  • BW Officer Job Description
  • BW Regulations Overview
  • IMO vs USCG BW Regulations
  • BW Treatment Processes               Overview
  • Training on proper                           completion of BW Reporting         Forms
  • Overview of BW                                 Management Plans
  • Overview of BW Record                   Books
  • Creation of a BW                             Management Plan
  • Explanation of BW                           Compliance, Monitoring, and         Enforcement (CME)
  • Description of PSC Vessel               Inspection process
  • Explanation of BW Sampling         and Testing
  • Course Tracker and Progress         Report
  • Exams, Quizzes,                               Certifications, and Re-                     certifications
  • “Ask Any Question”                          capability
  • Management report of any           IMO/USCG notifications
  • Management report of crew         activity and accreditations.

Full training: over 40 courses of BW training

Recommended completion time: 4-6 weeks

Number of Users: all designated individuals of vessel

After completion you will be able to answer:

What are the new laws regarding managed ballast water?

What are the changes to ballasting operations as a result?

What are your duties and responsibilities on an ongoing basis?

What are the consequences of not doing things right?